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Facial Treatments


The Add-Ons

(when booking online - click select add-ons)

  • Sonic Spatula $25

  • Red Light Therapy $45

  • Gua Sha Massage $30

  • Collagen Eye Pads $15

  • Crystal Peel $15

  • The Eye Treatment $25

  • The Lip Treatment $25

  • Glow On! Lactic Peel $45

  • Glow On! Peel for Face & Neck $70

  • Glow On! Peel for Neck and Chest $70

  • Cooling Beauty Globes $15

  • The Lip Complex $15

  • The Masks $45

  • Blue Light Therapy $45

  • Collagen Hand/Foot Treatment $15

The Elite Beauty

75 min $140

*Please be aware you may experience some peeling or flaking with this treatment.  This treatment is great for all skin types! It targets fine lines + wrinkles, discoloration and dry + dull skin.  This treatment uses our new clarifying fruit acid peel + our ABC Booster serum which will help boost the results of this facial.  Featuring Retinol, niacinamide and skin brightening vitamin c this serum supports skin's regrowth, cell turnover, collagen and elastic production & self moisturizing capabilities. 

The Glow Factor

75 min $150

We will be using products that are hydrating, exfoliating & nourishing. This is definitely an anti aging treatment. 


New to this treatment are: 

Gua Sha Facial Massage & Cooling Beauty Globes.

The Seasonal

60 Min $110

Fall - Autumn Glow Pumpkin Facial

Winter - Berry & Bright Cranberry Facial

Spring - Milk & Honey Facial

Summer - Tropical Getaway Facial 



Berry & Bright Cranberry Facial -

Not only does cranberry aroma evoke the blissful feelings of holiday festivities, but the mighty cranberry has the potential to transform the appearance of your skin.  Due to high concentrations of antioxidants in  cranberries they work to enhance cell turnover as well as defend against environmental damage making it a favorite winter treatment! The berry’s amazing capabilities can be harnessed to benefit all skin types, from balancing the break-outs of oily skin to brightening the dullness of dry skin.

Signature Glow

60 Min $120

This high impact facial will smooth, strengthen, tone & hydrate your skin. After just one treatment, your skin will feel silky smooth, its tone & texture will be improved, you will glow with radiance & vitality.

Calm & Soothe

50 Min $90

De-stress your sensitive, red irritated skin with our new Calm & Sooth Facial.  This treatment is ideal for clients who tend to have trouble finding products that do not flair the skin. Calming & nourishing products will be used to help combat your problematic sensitive skin.   
This treatment does not include extractions but, we can always add this on.

Collagen Boosting

60 Min $130

The BEST Anti-Aging Facial we have with our Facial Line.  We will also be using out Sonic Spatula in this treatment, to exfoliate & push our products deepier into your skin, for exceptional results!


60 min $100

*please note, we can only work on areas that are clean shaven.


This effective treatment is designed to cleanse and soothe aggressive exposure related to sports and shaving. Pure plant based products fortified with vitamins and antioxidants ensure visible results. Exfoliation, extractions, facial massage and re-hydration complete this purifying treatment.  This treatment leaves the skin refreshed and invigorated. 

The Luxe

75 min $145

Utilizing micro-collagen with skin transforming ingredients that literally become one with the skin, this ultimate age-arrester was developed by Jennifer and JoAnna to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Gently exfoliative, it minimizes the appearance of pores and brightens the skin, giving that much sought after glowy, “glass skin” look. You’ll see results after your first treatment but it doesn’t stop there: over time your skin will continue to improve with each facial! *Included in this treatment is our Sonic Spatula, Enzyme Peel & RED LIGHT THERAPY. You'll love the results of this treatment!

Geneo +

45 - 60 min $160

If you want glowing skin immediately without downtime or  discomfort, this is IT! This treatment blows microdermabrasion out of  the water with its ability to exfoliate and oxygenate the skin as well  as infuse powerful serums to tackle dull, lifeless skin. Easy, Breezy  and Beautiful results!!!

Beauty Flash

30 Min $65

This high performance facial renews, rejuvenates & reinvigorates all skin types in need of a pick me up & or serious skin treatment. *does not include extractions

Hydration Booster

60 min $95

Hydration is the key to long-lasting healthy skin. We use a variety of intense hydrating & repairing products rich in ingredients to boost moisture in the skin


60 min $95

Help combat problematic skin prone to breakouts & congestion. This purifying & healing treatment will help to clear & rebalance the skin.

Pre Natal

50 min $100

Clients must be in Second Trimester, with Dr. Approval. Our Prenatal Facial is the perfect solution for your skin during pregnancy.  We are selecting products designed to be non irritating, moisturizing, and cleansing with out using any harsh products especially the products that are not to be using during pregnancy.

Are you looking to prevent, or correct?  These are the Add-Ons we suggest every time you book a facial:

Sonic Spatula

Envy Beauty - Targeted Areas Only

Click Here for More Info On This Treatment

Red Light Therapy (for anti-aging)

Blue Light Therapy (for acne)

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