Massage Therapy


60 min $120, 75 min $150, 90 min $170

Light to moderate pressure, long, fluid strokes that will leave you feeling relaxed and at ease.


60 min $120, 75 min $150, 90 min $170

Our signature massage. This is a mixture of both Swedish & deep tissue therapies.

Deep Tissue

60 min $120, 75 min $150, 90 min $170

Concentrated work on specific problematic areas. This intense form of massage gets to the root of muscular problems, freeing tight areas and infusing them with a new supply of blood, oxygen and nutrients.


75 min $160

Addresses the specific muscles used in particular sports and aims to increase range of motion and flexibility. Maintains healthy muscles while training for an event and decreases post event recovery.

Massage is by appointment ONLY