Clairvoyant Readings


Theresa Pawson Galuszka is a longtime resident of Connecticut. She is a Clairvoyant, Medium, and Psychic. She is also a Reiki Master and Clinical Hypnotherapist. Since childhood, she has been trained in light work, mindfulness, and compassionate care and wisdom. Her gifts have been carried throughout her ancestral lineage.  

Theresa has studied at The International Reiki Center in Sedona, Arizona, where she received her Reiki Master Level. Theresa has worked on psychic national hotlines, a bed and breakfast in Woodstock, NY, a healing center and spa in NYC's upper east side, and throughout Connecticut. She has also worked internationally through teaching and reading at various healing centers.

Her mother was a British-born Seer and Healer with gifts of prophesy and healing. Theresa was raised understanding energy healing through the natural development of her intuition. She was taught through dreamwork, empathy, and compassionate responsibility for others and the world.

Theresa's paternal grandmother was born in Russia and read tea leaves and Tarot cards. She lived with gypsy healers and seers. She worked in 11 countries and spoke 11 languages. Theresa's grandmother immigrated to the USA from Archeangel, Russia, settling in NJ. She was a Seer, Medium, and Clairvoyant.

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Clairvoyant Readings

60 Minute Reading - $160
30 Minute Reading - $80

Clairvoyant readings are life-enhancing and affirming. Readings can help you direct your energies toward positive outcomes, providing you with the courage to take quantum leaps toward manifesting your goals. Past, present, and future are coordinated with healing love and compassionate insight. Readings can bring light to soul contracts and karmic trends, breaking through to provide deeper clarity.

Mediumship Readings

60 Minute Reading - $160
30 Minute Reading - $80

Mediumship readings provide sacred time to connect with loved ones who have crossed over. Readings can also help you to connect with angels, guides, and spirits who can communicate messages of wisdom and clarity. This is sacred and blessed work filled with compassion, love, and light.